Gépgyártó és Forgalmazó Kft.

About Us


Our business began operations in 2007, the Castle Gate industrial park. Initially, a 400 nm laser cutter and we were the three main employees serve customers.

In 2008 defined quality policy - which includes the fast and high-quality customer service - yielded little

The undertaking by the end of 2008 employees at 12 major capacity expansion and in January 2008 a new Trumpf laser cutter and two LVD press brake equipment put into production, sites increased to 800 nm.

2009: At the beginning of the year we launched our plant fitter - welder , which allows our company to manufacture a complete welded structures. Extensive cooperation partner network contributes complexity.

he welded units can provide full spare part is performing cutting and surface treatment operations.

In 2010, our company once again began to site development, the existing floor area of 800 sqm production hall has been extended from 1,200 sqm and a new office building was inaugurated. The expansion of the number of customer orders and our partners reasons for installing a new laser cutting equipment that elementary production in February 2011. The number of employees increased by 43 people.

In 2011, LV - Metal Ltd has won the Pegasus Award for the Western Region of Hungary became the first winner of the Emerging category.

First quarter of 2012 the Company milestone in his life:

  • Restore technological development of new LVD press brake equipment production.
  • the welding operation is a joint hall ( capacity bridge crane 5t 2000 nm ) by buying your own site moved to the Castle Gate industrial park.
  • The undertaking site development started in April 2012, which started in the context of a 1200 -nm production hall building , which was inaugurated in September 2013.

The year 2013 began with a new technological development:

  • Purchase LVD Sirius 3015 laser cutting machine
  • Proper operation of customer demands sandblasting equipment
  • Purchase microstepping plasma and flame cutting equipment , installation may be expected over November 2013.

The LV Metal Ltd. 2013 - to more than 200 partner companies affiliated with that due to the many years of professional experience in the team we are positive friendly prices, excellent quality and maximum our flexibility.

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